Who do you think you are?- John Butler

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was watching an episode of “who do you think you are” -the aussie version, featuring john butler…use to see this guy basking in freo before he become a big name in the music industry…never liked his grass music then until he went mid-mainstream…had also met him once at uni when they were featuring a john pilger movie as part of the socialist alliance network…but he is quite charismatic in person…i like him more for his activism role especially when it came to issues like the war on terror, asylum seekers/refugees even more as a musician -something different to the bullshit ladeeda fantasy shit that goes on in today’s music and it was no surprise that this rebellion, non-conforming tendencies ran in his families particularly when one of his relatives was responsible for the april uprising -that started the revolution to kick the ottomans out of bulgaria and achieve independence…



just interesting to know the family histories of people…not just ones we read in history textbooks but normal everyday folks…

i know i can’t trace mine because the malays always use their father’s first name as their surname so their goes my family line but baz will be able to trace his through ayman’s side which supposedly originated from oman…

in this segment it also mentioned that his great great great maternal bulgarian grandfather spent most of his growing up in alexandria, egypt…a time when egypt use to be filthy rich and europe in so much poverty…still can’t imagine it with egypt as it is today…i guess you now also know where all of egypt’s riches went to…it makes me wonder also if the ottoman empire had functioned as islamic/just and not hedonistic/cruel before the start of world war 1, would the political sphere look more different than it is today?


Live Earth Sydney – John Butler


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