Rachel 250/365

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so the one who normally treats the looneys also went looney too…

i’m not sure about elsewhere but this made headline news on all channels here in australia…

and its the way this piece was presented coupled with another incident in afghanistan how an afghani cop turned on his british/american trainers is what i don’t like…

so what -is everyone thinking ahhhhh those muslims, you can never trust them, even if they are trying to do something noble…

it was briefly mentioned that the gunmen was harrassed about his ethnicity/faith before the incident, but wish they the media had EMPHASIZED ITa bit more…especially in rednecksville like texas

i do feel sorry for the victims because they didn’t deserve to be hurt but at the same time i guess its a warning to those who push people too far…they will get bitten


~ by nursheikha on November 7, 2009.

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