pttep australia oil spill

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been busy this week bcoz baz has got the snuffles…its been hot especially inside the house so left the bedroom window open at night to cool off…unfortunately it was a way bit too chilly for my little munchkin to take so he’s been sniffing…but wanted to bring this up…

i’m not an extreme tree hugger but i do love my trees, beaches…-they’re what keep me partially sane…but i think this company thai-owned pttep australia, should be banned from ever operating inside australian shores, after spilling millions of litres of oil into the timor sea…it took 10 weeks!!! to stop it from spilling and that was before it blew up…what disgusts me even more is that even the govenment did jack all about this environmental disaster…

did it ever occur to them that it would affect our fishing, tourism industry if all they cared about was the big bucks…and this part of the country were known for its endless prestine, beautiful beaches and its unique wildlife…

not only should they pay up for the clean up, cover the cost of restoring the place back to it was, never step foot in australian shores again…i think the australian government should step up and tighten laws relating to companies screwing up our environment or people like this one…


~ by nursheikha on November 12, 2009.

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