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my sister and co had to move out from their thornlie rented home because it had just been bought by another so had to babysit the kids -ridwan (5), rayhan (3), muhammad (1) and musa (2 weeks old) for a few days this week and i think after babysitting them -i’m happy with just one…alhamdulillah!!!

baz’s countless toys, storybooks, even my own wii , cooking wasn’t enough to tame these kids especially rayhan…

the living room, kitchen, bedrooms looked unrecognisable with pillows, food scraps, books, pens, toys everywhere…and i normally like things clean, in order, organised…

have to confess something…i’m normally not for hitting kids to disciplining them…would prefer pysching them out before ever using the hand but had lost my patience with rayhan when he ran onto the ever-busy street yesterday after not listening to dad to come inside…my heart just stopped and prayed no cars was to enter the road when rayhan kept going further and further onto the even more busier street the more i called him to come inside until i literally shouted at him to stop of which he did – i think he did so because he hadnt heard anyone shout to him as stern as i did yesterday afternoon. think the whole mirrabooka heard me. when he did hget near i couldn’t help but give him a good whack on the hand for not listening and disobeying…had reported this to his dad and when he came to pick them up, rayhan got another whacking again…

i don’t know how mum raised us 7 kids…but i know can remember was never as chaotic and feral as they were because mum was so strict…or am i slowly becoming like my mum?


~ by nursheikha on November 15, 2009.

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