polycystic ovarian syndrome-no period

Stomach and Band Model

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met the doc today to know of my results of my blood tests that i took a week ago and…

he told me the reason why its 50+ days since i last had my period was because i had the polycystic ovarian syndrome flare up again…

i had it before when i was trying to get pregnant the first time…the egyptian doc gave me pills to i make me somehow lose weight and voila! had 8 eggs waiting to be mini-me’s but it was only a week or so after i found i was pregnant with triplets, i lost them…

now their back to haunt me again, i guess as a result of my weight gain…and the only way to get things back to norm is for me to lose weight DRASTICLY! -ie lap banding…


urghhhh i hate the idea of hospitals, surgery rooms and now this…but i guess its time to shrink to be healthy…

~ by nursheikha on November 15, 2009.

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