more attentive father-figure

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when my nephews came over last saturday to be minded over, my dad thought it would be just the usual -buy chips, strawberries and chocolates to treat the kids while either my younger sisters or i looked after them and he would just disappear off -most probably to the masjid to care for his precious bananas there, or remain invisible -either by sleeping through or just zone out and watch the telly and not interact with his grandkids who he was’also happen to be in the same room as he was…

it just amazes me…its bad enough that he wasn’t as involved in our lives when we were young, but to also do the same with his grandkids? c’mon!!! and this is the man who’s dying to see his daughters be married off yet when they are married, not only does he not care what goes on, he doesn’t even care about the grandkids as well? or maybe people just do what they know because they themselves didn’t get enough love and care when he was younger…but i would’nt do to baz what my parents did to me…

anyways, because my sisters went out it was just me and dad…with the 2 babies screaming their lungs out for a feed someone had to take care of the two older boys…i had to cook as well…poor ridwan kept coming to me to play with him whilst i chopped the vegies for the stir-fry and even though they didn’t said it directly, every time i told them to play with grandpa -they were hesitant and still insisting that i would instead…he’s 6 years old and even then he’s not use to hanging out with his grandpa…so sad…it wasn’t until i got the wii out because ridwan was nagging to do cycling on the wii resort that the boys finally started to get some input, feedback from grandpa -at least in terms of how to play…i think grandpa was also surprised that his grandkids would be so technologically advanced than he was…

its sad enough that i lost my childhood because of lack of input from my parents, i couldn’t bare to see my nephews and son miss out as well with having a grandfather around, especially when i didn’t have any grandparents around me…

~ by nursheikha on November 17, 2009.

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