cheating spouses on facebook

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its bad enough that you had to meet your spouse online and it went pear-shaped, waiting now a definite -this is it moment to finalise your separation from him…its worse when he tries to sugar you up, make you think maybe things can get better when behind your back he’s up to no good…

i have this thing against all these social networking websites…like facebook for one…i could use it to keep in touch with my mates at work, from uni and high school -all good pure intentions of course but its not so great when you find out your estranged husband has kept one for himself too and he happened to have more of chicks mostly of whom he had previously tried to hook up with in previous sites lie hi5 but of which he claims they had automatically accepted him all because he signed up to facebook…

i just agree with this news article of how cheating husbands should be whipped for breaking up families…

but even if you whip someone as notorious of ayman, would it even sink in especially when they don’t know what it means to be loyal, faithful, monogamous…especially if they lived in muslim societies that promotes male whores like in egypt -to think they can hook up with as many women as they like and after doing the haram/shit -they try to make it islamic/halal…and whats ironic is, ayman forgets how his older half siblings resent his very own existence, how much shit they’ve stirred his mum and other siblings from his mum for being offsprings of his dad’s 2nd wife…

so i’ve asked ayman since he shamelessly think there’s nothing wrong in having girlfriends on the side whilst he’s still married, i’ve asked him to bring witnesses to note the islamic talaq…

i know ayman has a right to see his kid but i prefer baz not know a pathetic example like him as a male role model to live up to…or else he’ll grow up not knowing what a conscience is…

~ by nursheikha on November 24, 2009.

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