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when i was watching a segment about paulini describing her experience of domestic violence on 9am with david and kim, being the spokesperson for white ribbon day -international day of elimination of violence against women, i was shocked…that even those in the spotlight encounter this behind closed doors as well…that i was not alone…the same when i watched rihanna first speaking out about the incident with chris brown



yay i celebrated pink ribbon day because i knew a few people close to me were affected by it -was quite a wake up call when my mate ana just a year older than me (26 at that time) had to get a lump removed from her breast…alhamdulillah it wasn’t cancerous …but this white ribbon day thing really hits home…

even though i can’t say i have conceded victory over it because i’m still technically married to ayman but its something that not just women but the entire community need to address, come to terms and help with, especially by other men…

in so many hadiths i read that its haram to treat women unjustly, to even harm or even hit her -especially on her face but what do you normally see on most middle-eastern/muslim-oriented movies, soapies, even real life -the women being bashed like she’s a rag doll…

it took me calling the police twice for ayman to understand that its just not right to bully, harm me…i wonder what it would take for all others who live in societies where hitting women is just a norm…

there should be more songs, movies, literature condoning such acts of violence…


~ by nursheikha on November 25, 2009.

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