Originally uploaded by Ben the liberal party (who’s more right-wing then left in australia) are trying to stall the notion to introduce the energy trade scheme in australia, of which if passed will enable australia to legally work towards have a low emission economy, meaning more green, sustainable energy markets, because they think the current model presented by prime minister kevin rudd isn’t good enough so much that half of the frontbenchers of the liberal party along with members in the senate have deserted their current leader malcolm leader who does support the scheme. tomorrow they’re having a vote of who will lead the liberal party.

depending on who they vote might mean the scheme would be stalled until another early election is done because there might be a double dissolution, meaning australia will be at the polls again to voice who they prefer to run the country, rather then concentrate on how we can better our earth because australia is already 10 years behind, regardless of which party/ideology is in power. would be quite embarrassing for a pm to encourage the world to be more geen when he hasn’t even achieved this with his own country.$File/D08%2028012%20ETS%20Submission%20-%20Australian%20Bankers%20Association%20-%20Statement%20on%20the%20Emissions%20Trading%20Scheme.pdf

maybe i should try to find alternative views as to why we should not be sucked into this climate change hyped but after living in egypt where fresh air/oxygen is hard to come by, even in the country then i think why not! or it really another climategate? but then again you’ve got exotic countries like the maldives, samoa that might be non-existent in the next few years because they lie straight bang on sea level and what about the scorching over 40C temperatures we’re facing here in australia and the increasing problem of managing/finding water?!?!?

dateline covered the whole notion of climate change last week. one story that really got me thinking, was the one on a danish island called samso which became denmark’s renewable energy community model, whereby they tried to be self-sufficient, self-reliant and prosperous in every way all by working with nature.

if that farmer can run his tractor on processed grapeseed oil to do his usual farming work, just imagine what agriculturally producing countries like egypt could do with this idea, especially when money is tight their and everything’s available in their own backyard -which majority is a large patch of farm land…

~ by nursheikha on November 30, 2009.

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