eid-al-adha 2009


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belated eid mubarak everyone…

didn’t do much. in fact, didn’t even know it was eid until i heard the eid takbir being said on one of the malaysian tv1 the night before so cooked up 2 big roast ducks instead.

felt beautiful tingles inside me when they showed people doing the tawaf around the kaaba in the rain…mum would’ve been one of them, lucky her…just seemed so bizarre to see mecca rain since when does it ever rain there?! and yunno what the hadith says when it rains 🙂 felt the same when i spotted the moon from the dining room sliding door that overlooks the open patio and backyard. normally we leave the garden light on so we don’t have to use the lights inside in the kitchen and dining because the lights emit so much heat inside especially during this time of the year and because we you can normally find your way around, even do the dishes whilst the backyard light is on. but last night the garden light wasn’t on and it just felt strange and wondered where this golden light was coming from as i walking towards the kitchen. the light looked like as if the neighbours had put on some really bright stadium lights that also shun on our side as well but it was the moon! subhannallah! was just so beautiful seeing the moon the only one shining so brightly whilst everything else was in the dark. just one of those things you never realise.

ayman did drop by and has still decided to not settle for divorce, korban/sacrifice his family for his own selfish needs. for now i guess because i did write up my terms for divorce beforehand. and i was preparing myself for the worse. but no, i guess Allah still wants us to be together.

later my sister shila and dad along with ayman, baz and myself went to see my sister’s and their new place which was just on the other side of mirrabooka. have to say, its quite a nice, manageable place -3 x 1 house with a great undercovered entertaining area complete with a barbeque place and raised lawn on top, well kept manicured lawn and trees in the front that adds some privacy -its definitely something i would buy if i were to look for a place. didn’t think such a place could exist in mirrabooka and its just a 5 minute walk to the local primary school with plenty of parks littered close by. not to mention the masjid. mum would definitely be happy when she comes back now that her other grandkids are so near now.

the feral nephews were very well-mannered being over their place, mainly because their dad was there. was hard to continue and be mad at rayhan -the one i slapped for running on the road because he’s usually my favourite and the more attentive one out of all 4 nephews.

now tomorrow have to see if i can bring baz to the perth zoo as this would also be my weekly exercize out in the open as well…

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One Response to “eid-al-adha 2009”

  1. Belated eid mubarak for you and your family. I am to touched by how they do this wonderful tawaf arround Kabah.

    Anuway, it always nice to find Muslim blogs and bloggers so keep up on the good work on this blog 🙂

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