mum’s in singapore

just had a call from uncle rusli who lives in jurung west, singapore…just wanted to let us know that mum’s now with them and will be waiting for my sister afizah to arrive there tonight before they both go to malaysia. its mum’s first time in singapore after 25 years -can you believe that! the first thing i said to her was -hurry up and come home!!! i’m sick of cooking!!! 😛 i really am. today couldn’t be stuffed. just made chicken snitzels with mxed vegies cooked in prawny coconut milk with rice. i know, unlikely combination. pak nga (uncle rusli) told us that they were stranded for another 2 hours in changi because singapore airlines thought she was headed for perth along with the rest of the hajj group. they were able to trace it in the end. i have to admit, it does feel good hearing from her, that she’s well, not sick or anything. she really wanted to get into more details but she was using pak nga’s phone.

i had to take a psychology test when we did baz’s 8 months medical check up to see if i was ok, not suffering from post-natal depression.
i scored 9 which was borderline and the nurse said if i ever needed anything that they were there. lucky it was trudy and not the other witch. to be honest, was hard to explain it to her especially when ayman was in the room. he offered to give us a ride. only said its bcoz mum’s away and i’m the only one looking after the household, not able to study, home-ridden…

baz is weighing 10.2 kg for 8 months. is starting to get the hang of sitting by himself but keeps falling to his right when he’s tired. has crawled to me once but i think because i’ve put him on the walker that thats not teaching him to use his legs, that its starting to go wobbley but its the only way for me to get things done in the house and where i can keep an eye on him for now…he just loves touching things, especially when he can create sound from it. always tries to catch water when he has his bathe and cries when bath time is being cut short. he enjoys kicking me in the morning when he does a 90 degree to wake me up…loves showing off his 1st tooth by gnarling it…he’s just so adorable and interactive right now…loving it

~ by nursheikha on December 3, 2009.

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