baz at the zoo


Originally uploaded by nursheikha

i took baz and his dad to the zoo 2 weeks ago to acquaint them with the animal kingdom…the zoo has over 230 species but most of the animals felt like being indoors or their display was under maintenance -how annoying! what was more annoying was ayman saying it was no different from the cairo zoo! phffft! like we care less about animals then they do for example the stray anorexic scavenging dogs there…

my favourite display was the pygmy marmosets–Plants/South-America/Lesser-Primates/Pygmy-Marmoset/. wish i can take one home!!!

highlight was ayman realising that aussies here spend their weekends with their families, especially the little ones. even if it means going to the zoo. because he thought they had no life apart from work, sleep and booze.


~ by nursheikha on December 9, 2009.

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