loving Wii Fit Plus!

Wii Fit Plus

Originally uploaded by highglosshighs

bought this (bundle) for $119 from dick smith’s online which had a free delivery offer last weekend…thought that was a bargain only to find out that big w and k mart are now selling them for the same price this week from their catalogues…grrrr!!!

anyways, because i still haven’t got my period (where o where for art thou period!!!) …thought before i start to realistically take steps towards having lap band surgery, that i’d try working out instead with this wii fit plus…

was shocked to find my wii fit age to be 43, so can you imagine my bmi!!! and i’m not even yet 30…not for another 2 weeks at least…

but with this newer version, i feel like its still more like a game then an actual fitness workout…like an extended friendly version of wii resort…and its enabling me to do things i have difficulty doing in real life -for instance running!

there’s a fat chance you’ll ever catch me running especially around mirrabooka because half of the muslim population lives here and i know word will get back to either my parents or husband if i just happen to wear a piece of clothing wrong and i just can’t be bothered listening to any feedback and also because of my weight, even walking has been more difficult lately because i’m so out of breathe…thats why this wii fit plus thing is so ideal!!! and it felt so good running on wii!!! i never felt this before be it in real life or virtual…and it gives you quite a selection of things to do which is great coz i get so bored easily


~ by nursheikha on December 10, 2009.

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