Biggest Loser

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worked out for over an hour with my wii fit plus and i’m sore all over.

if all i did was walking, cycling, hula hoop, step aerobics and i’m this tired, i can’t imagine the pain those contestants on the biggest loser wouldd be going through…

but i feel good…lost a kilo in 2 days…just need to lose another 80kg more to be of a healthier range…

ayman paid a visit and we had dinner together at home, cooked minced kheema and diced vegetables with rice…he still can’t believe how unstoppeable i was when we walked through attaba through to hussain in the cairo summer heat and this was also after going to the australian embassy to pick up ayman’s passport at the world trade centre and walking around downtown…just thought going foot was better because of the horrible traffic and the scamming taxi drivers…

i think if i were to be given a deadline, i’d do my best to fulfil it even it means unconsciously running marathon, but just don’t literally say to me to exercize or else i get so put off…

ayman dropped by because we’d just received letters from the immigration department confirming my withdrawal of my sponsorship and support for ayman’s stay in australia…it all came a bit of a shock because it was a result of my first letter to them which was last year, of which i later retracted…

to be honest…as annoying as he can be sometimes…i still need him here so he can truly fulfil his role as a father to baasil…and they have started to become quite close…i don’t want him to be like other egyptian dads in his country who mostly have gone abroad to earn a living to feed his family and as a result have absolutely no connection or relevance to his children…


~ by nursheikha on December 16, 2009.

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