happy 30th birthday (and 3 days) to me


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this is the view you get when you’re having chilli lobsters at aristo’s waterfront restaurant @ rottnest for your birthday




didn’t matter if the chilli was more like food colouring then provide any heat whatsoever or one lobster was like having 4 cooked tiger prawns only $20 more because it was in a special caseing…but the view was so breathtaking, mesmerising and so soothing after a rough ride on 2 ferries to get to this place…

(remind me to ban beside from ever going on a boat again…you can forget ever going on a cruise…on the way back to fremantle i literally thought i was about to die and held onto baz and ayman for dear life before ayman decided to desert me and check out the towering waves at the back of the ferry which was causing the boat to rock like crazy…)

this was a very cheap budget 2 star getaway…only 30 minutes ride from fremantle…the worst part of having your birthday so close to christmas is that every flight, hotel, place you try to reserve is fully booked by the rest of australia…

i tried going to bali, singapore, tokyo, kuala lumpur, hong kong coz of the good exchange rate but all were booked up…the same when trying to go interstate to melbourne, sydney, even towns within my own state like dunsbourough, busselton, pembleton -nope, all booked out…grrrrr….remind myself to prebook 6 months in advance…so we had to settle for rottnest island…

by the time we got to rottnest, all i could think of was trying to stabilise my stomach coz i just felt really sick…as much as i wanted to take the bus ride around the island, i just couldn’t so i told ayman to just go cycling without me, even go for a swim whilst i got settled and looked after baz…

was trying to get some me-time to reflect back on the 30 years of my existence on this earth but wallahi, the sea just took over me in its beauty and serenity…

had just not felt the peace and beauty in ages….was just a beautiful moment…despite being attacked by flies in all directions…i guess they had nowhere else to go to but us humans….

i wanted to see the island’s famous residents -the quokkas, which are miniture sized kangaroos, in their territories but couldnt because was so knacked, only to find one actually crawled through my legs, underneath the bench when i was taking in my last breaths of the island before being ferried off..at first i thought it would be shy but it didn’t mind being patted, even better if i had some food on me because it looked so hungry so i let it be…

we capped the day off by checking out the wheel of perth -imagined it was the wheel of london, minus the fantastic views and the time on it and i think my time’s up with ever trying to conquer my fear of heights, flying a plane was already enough…i normally would be snapping away with my camera but when we were on top, i just froze and legs just started to shake…and it just had to be windy so can you imagine how terrified i was seeing our pod sway freely from one end to the other with the strong gale…

ahhh what a day!

ayman was able to get a house for us to live as a family -finally! after a year’s long, gruelling wait, and i think that was the icing on the cake…

its still in mirrabooka, 4 bedroom 2 bathroom, security with roller doors and windows, just 50 metres from the masjid, right beside a park where i can jog and baz can play inshaállah, and its just near to the quiet place i normally go to to sit and contemplate and read quraan, make some heartfelt prayers for Allah to answer and now i’m living just beside that special place…wow…

alhamdulillah for everything…the good, the bad…the pain, the happiness…my family, my life…i just hope Allah can bless me with more years to live a more fuller richer complete life…to see baz grow…to see me complete myself inside and out as well as have my dreams come true, inshaállah…amin…

thank you Allah for everything!


~ by nursheikha on December 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “happy 30th birthday (and 3 days) to me”

  1. Happy Birthday sounds wonderful

  2. i guess you enjoyed a lot on ferry and food you had on 30th birthday. Thanks for posting your experience.

  3. I am an avid reader of your blog..Keep blogging..

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