happpy new year, new home, another chapter

just a quickie…i know its been ages since i last blogged…

we didn’t end up living in that mirrabooka 4 x 2 home due to egyptian complications…will tell you about it later…instead have found a new place -finally after nearly 2 years of searching!!! and its in a great location -on william street, right in front of hyde park -can’t wait to introduce baz to the duckies, 5 minutes from the perth mosque, 5 minutes bus ride to work, ayman only a 10-er, in a secured apartment complex, love the kitchen, partly furnished, with great cafe spots, gourmet shops and indian/iranian/asian groceries nearby…

i’m happy…

also can’t wait for my new furniture which is modular-like that’s arriving tomorrow woot woot!!!

doas for a new, better beginning…now that ayman’s back


~ by nursheikha on January 2, 2010.

One Response to “happpy new year, new home, another chapter”

  1. Glad to see you are happy. Its my dream one day for you to invite me back into your life as a friend. Nevertheless, you have picked a good location


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