a whole lot of lamb -australia day 2010

every year this guy goes on a few days before australia day and urges all australians to go put some lamb on their barbie/bbq in order to celebrate australia day (but really -aboriginal cleansing/invasion day)…this year he’s taken a more international approach…check out what he had to say about the middle east…

(good point)

there’s currently talks about changing the date even the flag (ie dish the union jack to accomodate the more multicultural mixture of the current australian society, which is no longer predominantly brit/anglo saxon) and i’m for it…one because to acknowledge the aboriginals -the first to arrive to australia thousands of years before captain james cook “re-discovered” australia…two, becausei don’t feel comfortable about celebrating institutionalised ethnic cleansing/outbreeding of a certain group, three, australia was just a sidekick of britain in the early parts of the last century. the real freedoms that i think was worth fighting for was when the japanese bombed darwin -now that was a real threat to our way of life or else we all would have been speaking japanese. vietnam war, afghanistan, the balkans, iraqi war, the boer war, ww1 were/are just a waste of life. these events might’ve contributed to mixture of peoples we have today in australia as a result of these conflicts but its still all the same -its fine to go and completely wipe out other people’s countries and say you’re fighting on behalf of these people’s freedoms (when really you’re only there to suck their rich and abundant resources dry) but when these people come knocking on your doorstep, you say “australia’s full”…either that or they’re subjected to such immense alienation…fourthly because this was the time when the brits and the rest of the europeans successfully brought down the ottoman, last remaining islamic empire…


~ by nursheikha on January 25, 2010.

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