mismanagement in haiti earthquake


Earthquake in Haiti

Originally uploaded by American Red Cross

everyone’s pouring money to haiti since the earthquake…there’s not an ad or tv program, even the tennis here that doesn’t mention about helping these guys out but are the people affected even receiving any -especially by those who claim are suppose to be delivering on their word?!?!

been hearing news reports that the americans are putting military first than medical help and look what happened to the shipping dock after the 2nd aftershock -all in the sea…



what’s in it for the americans to help out the haitians anyways? apart from being the first black-led nation in the world…is it because its just near venezuela -another words -OIL?

and why it haiti getting so much exposure? why didn’t samoa or even padang, indonesia get the same full-on coverage?

regardless of who’s leading america now, whenever she tries to manage something it only leads to disaster anyways -look at iraq and afghanistan still…why couldn’t the united nations step up and take control and tell even the american military where they’re needed instead of the other way around?!?…after all, they were affected as well…

but it does make me wonder how i would cope if i were faced with such a disaster here…especially with baasil around…


~ by nursheikha on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “mismanagement in haiti earthquake”

  1. I’ve been to Haiti twice, the UN is a joke there. The Haitians generally hate them and most UN personnel hate being stationed there and despise the Haitian people. As for France they are probably the ones most to blame historically for Haiti’s problems as the elite that have kept this country in bondage have strong ties there. Most Haitians actually welcome the US and wish they could become a territory ala Puerto Rico.

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