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i’ve been laying low coz i”m still trying to get use to having a husband around again -i.e. waking him up, making the meals hot and ready when he comes home, sorting out the laundry, remembering the things he hates eating, sticking to prescribed budgets, not having any more centrelink payments…it has been 6 months since i last did this…all the while looking after baz, who’s trying to get accustomed to the more sardined place we have now when compared to his grandma’s -the less company and attention he’s getting ‘coz its just down to his mummy and daddy…

he does know how to circle himself around but still struggles to move his legs to crawl…he does love being prompted to walk…and we had to be creative in how to bathe and wash him whenever he does a no.2 in our teeny weeny bathroom…he’s fallen twice off the bed and this was whilst i was too sleepy to self baracade him from the corners after seeing his dad off to work -which is normally 5:30am in the morning and its killed me with guilt just seeing the bruising on his left forehead and side of his nose…poor thing…he is now sleeping at his own bed…

even though i live right beside the dried up hyde park, i still haven’t gone there as the remote the owner gave us only allowed us access to the side parking gates but not the entrance -meaning if either one of us wanted to go out, someone had to be home to let the other in -which is annoying…

apart from trying to stay cool in the sweltering over 35C-40C+ temperatures we’ve been having whilst being glued to the tennis season here -really want justine henin and joe-winifred tsonga to be winners of the australian open, what else is peeving me off is when i’m doing my laundy in the shared laundry room and when i come back to get it, its either lying on the seat or in the basin beside the washing machine with someone else’s clothes inside the washing machine!!! -how rude!!! the whole idea of someone else even touching my clothes! i feel so violated!

another issue i have is my yugoslavian nazi caretaker who happens to have the mose ginomous kept moustache i’ve ever seen. we haven’t even been here a month and already he’s getting on my nerves.

first he tells ayman to park properly when its actually a free space next door to our designated spot. but doesn’t say anything when other people take up the place when ayman’s working…secondly, he bangs crazily on our door all because the alarm was pissing him off -why? -can’t people wake up to work?…i wonder what next!

i’ve dealt with caretakers before but i’ve never come across any as anal as this guy


~ by nursheikha on January 25, 2010.

One Response to “nazi caretaker”

  1. Asalamu walaykum sister.
    I just wanted to say that i admire the patience that you are likely using in handling these situations 🙂

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