ancient egyptians eating babies due to climate change-dried up nile river

The Giza Sphinx at Sunset

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wished the world leaders who showed up in copenhagen had seen this doco before they went to get the ball of change going because if it nearly brought down great civilizations like ancient egypt to almost near extinction around 2200 bc, what about us today?

this doco is called “why did ancient egypt fell”…and basically tries to investigate, fill in the gaps, mystery as to why not much went on for 200 years after the rule of pepi II (old kingdom)…

and the experts pinned it onto the nile drying up because they didn’t receive any rains coming from ethiopia…and it wasn’t just the ancient egyptians that went into such a sharp decline, the akkadians as well in mesopotamia, everyone along the mediterranean…as north america and europe were going through a mini ice age, elsewhere it was the reverse…

so people resorted to desperate means, even eating their own children out of dire hunger! i mentioned this to ayman and he wasn’t surprised as there was a similar saying to this when refering to hard times…

when the doco showed where dr parkac used satelitte imaging to locate ancient dwellings -most in areas around the delta, including mansoura -it made me somewhat glad that where i was living in egypt had more to offer than once thought…had no idea kafr el sheikh was like the pharoah’s royal retreat/haven…

makes me wonder what people are willing to do in order to survive….


~ by nursheikha on February 1, 2010.

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