loader-ing in whoresville

Selamat Jalan 2008

Originally uploaded by HeeRi

the loader just had to be at batam, indonesia…which is ferry trip from singapore…basically whoresville…am thinking maybe its better to get my uncle rusli to come along with him since he speaks both bahasa indon and english…he could be my spy…

ayman’s really prepared to get a loan for $20k just to kick off this business venture…and hopefully get over LE100 for it if his brothers sell it in egypt…if he does -he owes me and baz a good holiday -thats not in egypt or south east asia, a few thousand to put in a term deposit and something going towards buying our own house -for the time he’s spending researching this, calling egypt to arrange funds from the rest of his family and the 2 days he’s going to be away from his family…is it so much to ask? after all he is sacrificing quality family time for this…


~ by nursheikha on February 1, 2010.

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