indigenous astronomy:looking at the australian flag in a different way


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was flicking through the channel last week and just happen to watch this segment on message sticks -which features anything to do with aboriginals…

i, like most people here, would normally zone out when it comes indigenous issues, mainly because i have no immediate connection with it apart from knowing a few malay uncles who use to have aboriginal wives and kids when they were pearling up in broome, but thats about it…until the program mentioned ASTRONOMY…and i was hooked…

i never knew the aboriginals had their own version of astronomy, cosmology quite similar to what we know today, because i always thought much of their ways was quite simple…didn’t think they were just as developed as the mayans and the ancient egyptians like here…and these folks had been around long before these great civilizations had been around…

really shows how shamefully ignorant i am of the first people of my own country…

it has certainly made me look at the australian flag in a different way -especially the southern cross…who would have thought that these stars (otherwise known as part of the emu) would be so prominent and so important, vital to the aboriginals -its beak to depict the evening hours -for how else would they be able to tell time, even seasons…they even called the sun female, the moon female which is how the arabs see these objects…

wished they had taught me these things when i was in school….

i just find it so fascinating how every culture, civilization is able to develop its own knowledge, understanding with what they have, regardless of time or place, and how its been used, reaffirmed, re-studied but even better, acknowledged later on in modern times…in the segment, it also mentioned the aboriginals built something similar to their own stonehedge! wow! i wonder what else they had invented!

~ by nursheikha on February 7, 2010.

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