La Fura dels Baus @ the Perth International Arts Festival

Originally uploaded by Geoffrey-Liau


instead of lounging around like i normally do every friday night, thought i’d take the family out and introduce them to the art world which i greatly miss since being married, settling down…

even though we missed 20 minutes of the opening ceremony of the perth international arts festival which was held at the supreme gardens -never expected such a big turnout -which included 2 big lawns along the riverside to be totally packed with cars…we did finally made it to checking out these guys and they were amazing!!! floating in midair, all in sync with the music and then having the fireworks go off right behind them whilst it scared baz’s pants off…was defiinitely worth an evening well spent…they just reminded me of a mini-cirque de soleil performance…

after that we could up with ayman’s egyptian mate who just happened to have brought his south african wife over, was previously working in dubai, and we had coffee at mela’s in front of the perth mosque…she was nice and so was the whole notion of being sociable again because its been ages since i caught up with any of my mates…even missed work as kept looking at the bankwest building, wondering where everyone is a year on…

really felt alive, normal again amidst my husband and son…

~ by nursheikha on February 7, 2010.

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