cricket to combat racism down under? -ineffective i think

i love my sports but one that i can’t stand, -practically hate is cricket…i just don’t get the lounging around, sunbaking for hours trying to see how long a batsman can stay put in that pit, nor do i have the patience to wait around to see one side finish, but its always entertaining to see india play pakistan, because you know its politics being thrashed out in the greens elsewhere instead of their own backyards…

so is that why people watch cricket for? -to get animosities, anger out via sport?

i’m sure you’ve heard many reports of racist attacks against indians here, predominantly in melbourne for years now, the last was last month…

and our representatives have gone over to india to try and cool things down since the indian government are threatening to not allow anyone study in australia, even boycott anything australian -because the australian government is failing to keep anyone safe and in one piece -i don’t blame them…it takes an hour or so for any cops to come around when you need them (also bare in mind that the 3rd of australia’s largest export is education to international students -its big business!!!)…

what i don’t get is why the australian government, even most of the australian public are in total denial that any racism is rife or could even exist, yet there’s a name, label, stigma, stereotype for all sorts of people here…is denying more cheaper legally than truth? how many more people do they need attacked even murdered, like nitin garg, before anything drastic, apart from a game of cricket to save the day, is done?!?…

sure a game of cricket can reassure the indian spectators that the hired crowd controllers and cops for that venue a looking out for them but i don’t think it will change the aussie mentality, since who really rocks up to these games these days?!? anyways, most aussies -the real ocker ones, don’t really come together for a game of cricket, its really more for aussie rules…and generally, aussies are aussies -proudly politically incorrect even when ignorant, xenophobic…most will give you strange looks if you start mopping, complaining about their racist ways…-hell, i think i’m started to sound like them too 😛 !

a mate of mine who’s living in melbourne did give me a good reason to explain why these attacks are happening…according to him apparently because they’re (international students, not the local ones) are taking a lot of aussie jobs and he’s seeing a lot of his mates go out of work because its more cost-effective to hire these international students than the local ones -especially those in the fast food and petrol station industry, they see it as an opportunity to exploit these international students even more, making them work more for less and get away with it because if immigration and the tax department find out they’ve worked more than the 15 hours allowed, they risk being deported…

the victorian government have appointed a “minister for respect” to combat all forms of violence, not just racial ones, but i think in order to see more REALISTIC positive change, the cops, the whole indian community and the rest of the australian public, EVERYONE, need to resolve this on a local, grassroots level, perhaps fund programs, initiatives in schools, events, social gatherings that may promote more understanding and acceptance of others and make it everywhere, all over the country. let this be a federal government policy, instead of sending our ministers to india every few months, at taxpayers expense…because today its the indians, i wonder who’s next tomorrow…muslims?

-just like the drive-by shooting at a perth masjid last week?

~ by nursheikha on February 11, 2010.

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