i need to dance…to set my soul free…

I need to dance

Originally uploaded by Daneli

being 135kg isn’t fun…and just watching shows like “do you think you can dance” is making me quietly wish, even imagine what my body would feel like if i was somewhat lighter and do the routines that those chosen are required to do…i’ve never seen my the size of my body a problem until now -now that its restricting a lot of my movements…i get so out of breathe just by doing the littlest of things…and i’ve come to the point whereby before, it use to be the strains of my relationships, the expectations that i wanted to break free from…now its this mountain of fat…

i’ve shown ayman the types of dances i would be interested in doing -which means me getting out…his response was -you can do it at home!!! grrr…i’m tired of staying home…i need to get out…

these are some of the movements, expressions i would love to do…

maybe after lap band surgery perhaps?




~ by nursheikha on February 12, 2010.

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