what do you do if your husband needs to be a vegetarian?

in an ideal world, ayman would love to be a vegetarian since he sees no point in eating meat, especially when he hardly enjoys it…in my ideal world, i’d love to just get by by eating only meat…but i know thats just not realistically possible since how else am i suppose to go to shit…

i mean i do try my best and add as much assorted vegies i can get my hands on into our meals (mostly edible non-asian vegies, apart from bak choy and kaylan…i grew up with a fridge that always stank due to my mum’s oddly obsession with asian country-like vegies and treatments for example bitter gout errrrrrr puke!) but i know its not enough for ayman…

so i asked him, can see himself eating a lot of tofu to substitute meat? and was like -ummm, have not thought about that yet…

i know in egypt, most of what they ate was predominantly legumes, greens and it was only for special occasions like eid al adha would they even binge on any sort of meat…and i haven’t heard of any cases of people having cancers, health complications for living on beans moreso on meat but its so hard getting use to, at least for me, since meat is like a vegetable here in australia…

ayman is sick of curries so am trying to find other vegetable alternatives at the moment….

i know i know…could help me lose weight but just wish i could find some way in getting excited, creative about cooking with vegetables only…sigh!


~ by nursheikha on February 12, 2010.

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