etoro:playing with the stockmarket

Mission 24: Stock

Originally uploaded by Dusty M.

i just recently signed myself up with etoro, which is basically having a play with the main foreign exchange currencies online, via rewardscentral…still in training, haven’t gone live yet…i know it won’t be like playing the million dollar poker game on your mobile phone which i topped -after many goes…and half of me says -is this right? halal even? because in a way its gambling…but i do love the thrill taking risks and i love the suspense, anticipation…better than skydiving perhaps?

i have to confess, i do love watching poker games -because its all about mind games, psyching, bluffing your opponent (which i wish i could do in real life but can’t)…been watching this recently

but what made me really go for it was this doco…makes me wonder how i would go, especially under pressure…

would just be nice to make more money, preferably more than your husband 🙂 but hope never turn out like this guy…

is there ever a profit-making scheme that can sustain even still grow during hard-times like the recent financial crisis or is this never a good thing to begin with, since how much does it really help people?


~ by nursheikha on February 17, 2010.

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