was watching star wars: empire strikes back last night and it reminded me of the first toy i can ever remember possessing and playing when i was growing up in christmas island…this was before it became refugee island -which was r2-d2 and c-3po! (could be responsible for making me a gadget tech-freak!)

the only thing i don’t remember is ever playing with a doll, nor did i ever had the need to like oprah and barbara steisand…saw them today…

probably the girliest thing i ever came close to was wishing i was wonder woman (but more like bionic woman internally to extend my capabillities)…i enjoyed waking up every day and make a new but the same crown and imagine what new adventures, dilemmas i would conquer today after i did that little twirl

and i guess thats what i still quietly wish for, bring from my childhood even today…just the uneasyness of myself -especially with my exterior beauty and capabilities (always nervous about failing, not making it) and to mask that up and amaze everyone, even myself with something greater inside and help the world with this uniqueness…

it wasn’t until after high school, more so in uni did i finally started to slowly accept the real me and be happy, comfortable under my own skin, especially with the special people around me then…


~ by nursheikha on February 18, 2010.

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