ayman wants the 3 of us to spend the remainder of ramadan and eid in egypt insha’allah (which this year will be in august)…preferably for one month, told him 2 weeks is enough -especially when he knows his family will get bored of us if any longer…

am definitely going to include going south of egypt -like aswan, luxor, ain sukna, hurghada in this trip because i still haven’t ventured anything past the pyramids of giza…

would also like to add a few days in turkey since its just next door and on our way back stop over in dubai and singapore because the last trip from cairo to perth (20 hours in total) was so painful!

so thats already $5000 for our tickets, dunno yet about the other cities and spending money…

i think this time i want to go having more than enough ($$$) as well as have a more thought-out plan and better prep…

will be the first time baz will travel anywhere beyond perth

~ by nursheikha on February 19, 2010.


  1. It is really a heaven like experience to enjoy your holiday vacation in city such as Dubai, I often go there with my family ,but i don’t think Turkey give any chance of competition to Duabi

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