bacha bereech (beardless boys) afghani sex slaves-abc four courners


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i just finished watching this segment as i was trying to put baz to sleep beside me and i just feel so disgusted, concerned that such paedophilic activities could even exist, especially within any muslim community…this one being northern afghanistan…doesn’t matter if its war-torn, poverty-striken or not…no one deserves to be trafficked for labour or sex, nobody deserves to be abused…

you can watch the segment on iview

just appalled that some people could hold onto vile traditions like this rather than be proper decent muslims/human beings

as a mother, i just wished people weren’t so obsessed with sex or corporations sexualising everything, or it be seen as a commodity no matter what culture, muslim or not, and have the consequences of ever violating someone be capital punishment…because i really fear for baz…how am i suppose to protect him when its everywhere?!?

its sickening to come to know that they can cage, restrict women from doing certain things, in limiting their interactions and opportunities and ignorantly say because islam says so, yet they can screw and make young boys into whores  and parade them to show how high and great their status and power is…this is their verson of “hot” entertainment…-how perverse!!! and knowing the afghani culture quite well because i have quite a few afghani mates -you’re not gay or the one transgressing if you’re the one giving it…they think the sin lies with the one taking it…

why are people so fucked up these days, especially muslims!!!

these guys bring shame to all muslims!!!


~ by nursheikha on February 24, 2010.

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