dubai assassination-murder?

how can it be right to assassinate a person just because they oppose your views, be a national threat even if indirect and outside your borders and this has been given a seal of approval by any government?

“kill or be killed” philosophy is just not a good enough, justified reason to kill people, destroy the palestinian dream…people, nations would have no interest in harming you if your state pre-existed in a amicable, peaceful, just way…

couldn’t mossad enter gaza or within israel to finish him off? is their intelligence that bad?

-the same phoney intelligence tony blair and george w. bush relied on to find osama bin ladin and saddam hussein? so one operation could dismantle the entire terror network? -how naive and stupid! even agent 66 -maxwell smart (from the tv comic series get smart) could think of something more brilliant than that with the little brain cells he has…

here’s another take of the recent incident to which i agree with:

i can’t believe the lengths certain groups, authorities go through to reinforce, guarantee their existence…even when its illegal, unustly, worthy to have a day in court for it…yet they seem to always get away with it scot free and the rest of the world (thats not muslim) stays silent time and time again…,7340,L-3841928,00.html

if mossad thinks it can hunt down anyone under the hamas umbrella to enable the israeli government and its supporters to gradually not allow any palestinians from ever stepping foot or breathing the holy land, the land of their ancestors as well, then they forgot the rest of the muslim population (who’s not fatah)…you can never erase the wrong that you did from people’s minds…or do they want to create their own holocaust in wiping out all muslims in this world too? so much for claiming victim to history when they are creating history today by making others victims to them…

so much for trying to preserve the holy land for the “chosen”…how chosen are you when you’re violating God’s commandment -thou shall not kill!!! don’t they read their torahs!!!

maybe by creating israel, they think they can finally live the jewish complete life that every jew idealise…just like muslims wish they were right beside the kaaba to be in hajj-mode 24/7 but even mecca, the holy place itself, -can’t guard itself from theft, violence, rape…-the evils of human nature…

makes me wonder how good of an intelligence hamas’s has to be in order to escape being executed by mossad…


~ by nursheikha on February 24, 2010.

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