speaking on my behalf


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is this an egyptian thing or i dunno…but the thing is ayman prefers that only he alone does the talking for everything, even if its something he he hardly knows anything about…

let me give you a scenario…

landlord messages both of us that he’ll be down south and will call us when he’s back in perth…he normally comes around every 2nd sunday to pick up the rent…last sunday ayman went to see the doc for a check up on his chest after the mini heart attack he had last friday..because its normally ayman who normally does the paying, i told vaughan to get in touch with ayman because i wasn’t sure when ayman would be back…i normally have to hide out in the bedroom when he’s over and maintain very low contact with him…but because ayman’s english is limiited-vaughan occasionally gets me involved because ayman doesn’t get him…ayman was furious that i could sms vaughan to let ayman know…he thought i wasn’t being loyal…

really pisses me off…i hate people having to speak for me especially when they hardly understand whats going on…i’ve got my own mind, my own mouth -i can speak for myself…

so its not ok for me to speak to my landlord but ok for him to allow any women massage him…right!!!! what a whole lot of bull…so told him, i know my limits…and if he can’t get what i need, i’ll get it myself -because most of the time he is a lazy bum…

~ by nursheikha on February 26, 2010.

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