finally…the right size bra!!!


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went to myers today to get fitted again because i’m tired of always getting my measurements wrong -spending so much money and never fitting into anything! not forgetting the excrutiating chronic back pains that always came without it…-dunno how women like pamela anderson or jordan live with their watermelons…

was a bit shy to undress before a few total strangers when i was in the fitting room -each one wanted to make sure i had the right fit…only just kept my jeans and hijab on…was worried that i might end up with a boring unflattering granny bra because it looked like that that was all myer had for bigger women with bigger assets…thought i’d gone down a few cup sizes since i stopped breastfeeding but no i’m still within a favourable range…

i ended up wearing something from maggie t…underwired…it was the very few that still made me look yummy/sexy because when i was thinner, that was my secret to my confidence -great underwear-lingerie!!! but after making me bend over to see i was inside those straps, nothing plunging out all of a sudden i was standing really tall, had forgotten about my back pains and it felt like i was floating in the air -can you imagine that!!! no more back pains in an instant!!! trinny and sussannah were right!!!

can’t believe i never got fitted any sooner!!!


~ by nursheikha on March 6, 2010.

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