flu but going home tomorrow! yay!

365 – 196 – man flu

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trying to self-quarantine myself since another 2 families just settled in -one of them has a bub who’s 4 months so am praying that no one gets infected…am at the galleria -had to buy some soothers coz i’m barking…ahhhhh my throat!!!! the weather’s been a littlle crazy lately…can you believe the backyard was a mini ice-world with hail the size of golf balls with thunder and lightning going on all through the night…

ayman’s managed to find another place so finally coming home sweet home…just bored -especially when have the flu, and management’s more if you don’t go to them, they’ll leave you alone…and if you do go to them there’s a certain time where they’re suppose to help you -especially when it comes to rides to the shops and appointments…really annoying because you already coming here clueless and they’re with all the resources…never mind. don’t have to think about it when i’im outta here tomorrow.

just staying at the refuge i’d never thought i’d even interact with some of the ladies here in real life -who’re mostly druggies/anorexics/alcoholics/true occas…but i feel more like a family with them than with staff…-one even offered to chuck a party for baz at the refuge and i just met her last night!

just amazing how similar our men were…the temperaments and it just reassured me that i’m on the right track even though right now money’s tight. please Allah help us out with that. better go, spoiling myself with maya masala -can’t eat or cook home coz its grotty


~ by nursheikha on March 24, 2010.

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