reeking apartment

Desperate Measures

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i couldn’t sleep…just thinking how dire the apartment would be…

the next morning, when i arrived home i puked, just the fumes was just too overwhelming…

ayman did his best to block the bathroom drain with piles of bricks and what nots and dry the floors but it stil reeked…dunno how he was able to sleep in the stench before he left…

so the whole day, whilst the plumbers were excavating as to which hole around the apartment was causing the damage, i was binning all the carpets, anything really that came in contact with the water…what i shouldn’t have done was let those guys use the mop to test the water -how professional? but after 4 hours it was fixed. then as they left i had a surveyor drop to assess the damage since i told the real estate agent i needed the moisture to get sucked out of the floors and have everything disinfected, sanitised and that’s who’s gonna come around tomorrow…

what a great home welcoming its been!!!

of well, it felt good being able to strip the apartment down to its bare essentials…coz it needed the fresh start

this was what caused the blockage

~ by nursheikha on March 26, 2010.

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