finally…a place of my own

I dream of bokeh…

Originally uploaded by Amadika

feels good finally sleeping in your own bed after doing it rough in the dust mite-infested motel mattress and the creaky loud one in the refuge…to see it being washed, disinfected from the sewage water a few days back, lavished with clean sheets and also finally having it all all all to yourself! -i might be big but even someone as tiny as baz can take up the most space and you’re just confined to just the edge…tis such a great feeling…

ayman’s still having a hard time trying to deal with it coz he wishes we were still together, as one…is worried about whether he’ll even have a chance of being able to stay in australia since we’ve gone our separate ways, if immigration will let him stay ‘coz he doesn’t exactly have a great track record with me…NOT MY PROBLEM!

i’m just worried about how i’ll make it on my own because this is the very first time i have to manage on my own and with a child to look after too! feels quite daunting but this is part of wanting to be free…just wished i was free of money -moreso have plenty of it so i don’t have to think about it more…


~ by nursheikha on March 29, 2010.

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