leaving to fate when it comes to ayman’s pr spousal visa application

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i feel like this is me and ayman in this whole process of trying to get his permanent resident spousal visa here from day one…

even though we’ve or mostly i’ve followed all thats required by immigration to help him stay here, i feel like something is going to hit us -be it: -his visa being refused due to us being separated at the moment, him voluntarily leaving us for good and not wanting to stay for baz, him picking fights with his supervisor at work that might get physical or not knowing how to drive properly that he might hit someone and end up in jail…he never seems to do anything right be it with me or on his own…

why am i worried…hmm, because i still love, care for him…i still want him to see baz…us to have peaceful family outings…maybe because i still feel overwhelmed of not being able to make t financially on my own that i see him as a safety net perhaps as well?…

anyways i’m bringing this up because he just received a big envelope wanting an explanation regarding the breakdown of our relationship and at the moment he can’t be bothered going into the details because he finds it quite intrusive and is blaming me for putting us in this situation (being separated) when its really to do with him…

when we did the application last week he was pressuring me to put us down as still married and this is a statutory declaration!!! -when really we’re separated…i’m like -he should have even been glad i even bothered to help him out with it!!!

should i even bother to help him stay here when he rarely sees what i do for him! i even left baz with mum so we could run around all throughout perth to get all the right documents certified and this express posted! i was still sick and baz was still recovering…arghhhhhhhhhh!!! so annoying!!!

immigration has always said they’d still let him stay due to baz…we shall see if its so in our case since there’s domestic violence involved…


~ by nursheikha on April 1, 2010.

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