mental notes -stuff completed


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DONE -celebrated Baz’s first birthday 

(we both were broke. i dressed baz up in some islamized shirts i bought from the muslim baby shop. ayman managed to find a pre-printed happy birthday cake from danish patisserie for only $3!!! can you believe it!!! (for something you would normally buy at the cheesecake shop for $15 and it was still fresh. i bought some party celebration stuff from iga from under $20. took some pics at king’s park after ayman finished work -which really made the day -was so good to see baz trying to run around on the grass, and then came home to blow the cake. the next day my mum and my two sisters -shila, shima and bro -amir, came over and gave baz a walker/bike for his birthday and we took more pics with baz in his tux -whch i bought for him for eid -which he fits perfectly now seeing that he’s trimmed a bit…can’t believe he was so fat at 6 months!) 

DONE -baz immunised 

(got that done yesterday. he was screaming his lungs out as usual when the needles went in and forgot all about it a minute later when he saw other kids in the clinic that he could socialise with :P) 

DONE -back to work on the 19th 

(manager finally realised that i needed training if i was to return to work, was suppose to start on monday. has now booked me in for induction on the 19th. my goodness was she hard to get hold of!!! can at least concentrate on some studying and get some driving lessons out of the way. i guess the storm last week did bring some good. can now shop for a near-new car at the auctioneers because so many cars were written off) 

DONE -help complete ayman’s pr spousal visa application 

(we did put it down as just newly separated but after much thought, i still would like ayman to be around to see baz grow. the first time ayman got to see baz after being in the refuge, he couldn’t even recognise or even wanted to be with ayman and that moved ayman to tears. and i told him -if baz is like this after 3 weeks, what about when you leave us permanently…he wouldn’t even know you even existed) 


*start venturing out into the neighbourhood, see what’s/who’s around
*trek to the nearest coles or iga, even the indian grocers in northbridge
*take my accounting exams…6 months dued
*take driving lessons -can you believe they’re now $50 an hour for most schools
*go for daily walks around hyde park with baz as part of tiring him out/helping him sleep all through the night and for me to lose weight
*think of how mum can start looking after baz before i start work especially when she needs to be here 5:30am every day to do so and she can’t miss her malay cable
*shop for child safety thingymejigs for the doors, cabinets, ovens now that baz can move around in his walker. he’s just opening too many things, even playing with the tv and fan -its driving me crazy!!!
*buy a $2000 year 2000+ car from the auction*sign up for health insurance
*shop for new wardrobe since about to start work. find the right size! its been ages since i really dressed up
*buy new shower curtains and carpet since i threw the last ones out due to the blockage last week. the apartment looks too too spacious at the moment 


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