bathroom tiles erupting!!!


Originally uploaded by nursheikha

been quiet this week because my bathroom tiles decided to erupt one night after i finished showering so now most of the entrance to my bathroom floor is bare and can’t close the freaking door -coz its getting colder at night…

ayman thought maybe it had something to do with the earth moving underneath or due to the excessive moisture left by the blockage a few weeks back,,,when the assessor came around he said it was just water creepng into the tiles…still!!! i hate walking into the bathroom feeling i’m going to crack some more because the thing underneath sounds so unstable, like i’m walking on a water bed…

i was initially thinking of moving out that instant, was so scared for baasil…but having gone through the places currently available and the distance to work/mum, -what i have is still better

remind me to nag the real estate agent to get a plumber around…the taps in the kitchen and shower head are still leaking! but its good that water’s included in the rent!

~ by nursheikha on April 10, 2010.

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