too many earthquakes these days! (recent -aceh indonesia

Tsunami aftershock

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have we become so immune to hearing earthquakes (not mini ones but over 5 in the richter scale!) popping up all over the place -this week aceh, indonesia and baha, california, like we usually see daily bombings and fighting in iraq and afghanistan that we seem not to care too much/zone out a bit/not affect us too much when we hear another? doesn’t matter if a few hundred thousand lives are affected and damage racking into the millions!!! no longer do you hear people rushing to the aid of those in need or governments pledging assistance…

also since its more becoming a monthly occurance shouldn’t governments seriously start preparing for the worst because you never know where its going to strike next…

will be interesting to see which one will cause the most damage -one determined by Allah (tsunami, epidemic) or one done by us (nuclear warfare) because i don’t think much signing of agreements between old enemies would do much…

i should keep a list of earthquakes thats occured this year shouldn’t i just to prove my point!

these are some of the things you should do if you got stuck in one:


~ by nursheikha on April 10, 2010.

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