un-happy 3rd wedding anniversary

i don’t know why but whenever i’m feeling down i resort to malay songs…maybe because they’ve got plenty of bleeding heart songs in their collections?

t was our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday…

the first one we celebrated it in alexandria, egypt -horse drawn carriage around old alex, lunch at a seafood restaurant, pics at fort qaitbey only to be ruined by ayman checking out other chick’s asses in front and around us. how convenient!

2nd wedding anniversary was spent at king edward hospital, staring at baz from a glass frame, we were too exhausted to do anything.

yesterday, because we didn’t do much for baz’s birthday we took him to kids paradise -its a play centre for kids to go wild just to feel like did something more in a kiddy sense for him. when we were there it was mostly us fighting about why baz is not crawling properly, even walking as we watched other babies younger and smaller than him strutting their stuff. i thought we’d take some outdoor pics so we headed off to south perth, mill point to some pics of the foreshore. when we were there, ayman was too busy taking pics of women jogging by and blamed it on the camera playing up -whatever!!!

he knew it was anniversary and it was him the one who was begging for me and baz to move back with him again. but when it came to the day, not only did he not want to wake up -slept at 3am most probably because he was too busy loader-hunting (took him 4 hours to get ready)…i made him a special breakfast and went out of my way to look really nice for the day…but on top of him taking pics of women jogging by instead of his wife and son…what got me really sad was all day he couldn’t really be bothered spending it with his family, his heart was not with us but he could count the seconds of us (me and baz) wasting his time because he needed to catch up with his mate gamal to do some studying…i was like -gee, i feel so special! me and baz are so special to him! -not!

even though we didn’t give each other any special presents especially considering our situation, i did think about trying to make yesterday another beautiful family day, but it wasn’t…

and then today he comes around and asks what i thought about renting another place!


it got me thinking and crying all night as to why i should be with ayman just so to stay married yet there’s not a day where i’m treated special…

and what’s driving me up the walls even more is that i just found out my old manager is no longer a team leader and will be giving my details to someone else…and i thought i was going to start training on the 19th!?! so basically not only do i not know when on earth i’m going to start work but also how i’m going to get someone to look after baz


~ by nursheikha on April 11, 2010.

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