Ruby Dee on ABC2-ICONOLCLAST with Alicia Keys

Ruby Dee

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i didn’t see the beginning because i was too busy forcing baz to sleep because it was already 9pm but i was enticed, seduced by the really soulful music that was being played…

(you can see the whole episode on ABC IVIEW)

-but these were some of the things that were being belted out of this women (which i thought was pretty moving, heart-felt and amazing!!!)


Today is ours; let’s live it.
And love is strong; let’s give it.
A song can help; let’s sing it.
And peace is dear; let’s bring it.
The past is gone; don’t rue it.
Our work is here; let’s do it.
The world is wrong; let’s right it.
The battle is hard; let’s fight it.
The road is rough; let’s clear it.
The future vast; don’t fear it.
Is faith asleep; let’s wake it.
Today is ours; let’s take it!

Featured in the book My One Good Nerve, By Ruby Dee. 1999. John Wiley & Sons. Page 168.

and it ended on this note:

(i couldn’t find the actual exert that this came from but manage to find it in this blog:


Calling All Women
Calling all sisters. Calling all
Righteous sisters.
Calling all women. To steal away
To our secret place. Have a meeting
Face to face. Look at the facts
And determine our pace. Calling all
We want to reach – first and second
Third world women
Come together!
Women in and outside the power structure –
Working women,
Welfare women,
Women who feel alienated and isolated
Women who are all frustrated
Women who have given up – women – women
Questioning women – women
Unpolarized and unorganized.
Ostracized. Tired of being penalized
Come help us start to bridge the gaps
Racial, cultural, or generation
We want some action and veneration.
These men, these men they
Just ain’t doing it.
They’ve had hundreds of years
Now they ‘bout to ruin it.
Kitchen, office, ex-prison women
Old and young and middle-aged women
Make this scene
Oh yes, and bring your lunch!
Problems, problems common problems
That we make and cause each other
Sister, daughter, old grandmother
Female child you can bring your little brother
Take the subway, grad a cab
Saddle your mule
Bike it, limo
Take a choo-choo, fly
Or pick ‘em up and lay ‘em down.
Socialism, capitalism, communism
Feminism, womanism, lesbianism
Here-and-now or futurism
We just can’t afford a schism
We got to get together or die.
Now is the time for an evolution
Let’s all search and find a solution
For how we’ll make it to the next revolution
Or die.
Oh yes. And don’t forget your lunch!

for a moment i forgot my worries of money -making it on my own with government handouts, my anxiousness of getting back to work to break free from fillng out centrelink forms so they know how many times i shit as well, and no one yet getting back to me as to when i should be doing training since my manager’s abandoned me…child care hunting for baz because i’m thinking there’s no way mum’s going to manage to come over to pick up baz 6am every weekday since i don’t have a car…

for a moment, just hearing her poems made me feel good about being alive, being human, being a woman, being a mother…on a mission…its not every day i feel this, subhanallah!


~ by nursheikha on April 14, 2010.

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  2. Hi, Im Lela marcolina the Malay girl from Singapore whom you have met in the city. I seemed to have deleted your mobile no. by accident. Could you reply to my email at Hope 2 catch up with u soon!!!

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