muslims specifically not allowed to bid for Pauline Hanson’s house


Pauline Hanson, from the internet. 

Originally uploaded by Tramway_John 

who wants your delapidated debt-ridden pigsty in the middle of whoop whoop nowhere pauline!!!…us muslims’ got too much class/style even culture than your pathetic occa-ness!!! how about giving it back to the original owners of this country -the first real australians!!! god knows how many aboriginal blood was soaked on this property before this homestead was yours… 

how could she say by being muslim, there’s no way you could in any way be australian at the same time as well!!! she’s obviously not in touch with the real world, the one where there’s migrants well its about time she’s finally being one… 

this woman -ex-one nation leader (equivalent to uk’s bnp) who was anti-immigration, anti-asian, anti-aboriginal when she was in parliament is deciding to move to the uk, even see the world on the way…well, she’s definitely not going to like what she sees when she gets there!!! maybe this journey might finally educate how stupidly ignorant she is about other people, about other ways of life… 

brace yourselves brits, pauline’s coming your way! 

~ by nursheikha on April 29, 2010.

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