back to work

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been waiting 13 months for this!!!

after endless msgs to my then team leader who happens to be now manager of the team leaders in the retail services call centre (glad she upgraded too), workplace planning was finally able to fit me in for some upskill training before i go on the phones in another week’s time and boy have so much changed since i’ve been here…they’ve streamlined so many processes makes me wonder why i had to deal with that shit a year ago! its so much easier now…

am doing lending training next week which is basically covering anything to do with home loans (which is the toughest of all the levels of helpcentre training), was suppose to do it if baz didn’t pop out so soon last year. relieved still on track.

the customers are still the usual -some delightful, others crazy, hilarious, anal after hearing in some calls…am looking forward to hearing my first customer dummy spit when i go back to my team…

a lot of my team members and ex-training colleagues have dispursed, mostly in the support section but its nice to see a few familiar faces around, even for those who i kept seeing every day but didn’t really know me personally welcome me back so warmly, even the heads of the entire contact centre which was good -seeing that i am the only girl in the entire building wearing the hijab…

i had to buy more of the uniform tops because its such a hassle to think of what to wear 5 days a week -lucky they come in black, looks so slimming…but can you believe i’ve had in total about only 12 hours sleep this week…just trying to settle into the routine with baz now being looked after by mum throughout the day and 2 nights sleeping over her place…

the first day i had to leave baz with mum was hard because it felt like the first few weeks when he was born, coming home empty handed with no baby after having him around for months…i did have my motherly separation sadness cry the first night, the 2nd night i did make sure i came around mum’s because surprisingly enough baz was missing me heaps too…just wanted to stay hugged…

but things with ayman are still the same -volatile…he came late this morning and got pissed at me for telling him he was late because i wake up when he starts work when his boss gave him the ultimatum -be late again starting next monday so prepare to be sacked…i told him to stop wasting time and not sleep so late and all he said was to mind my business, was happy to spend all day youtubing about fucked up egyptian politics is yet could hardly spend time looking after baasil who he was suppose to baby sit…grrrrr…

so dunno how long this will keep up before someone moves out again…


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