Lick My iPhone

Originally uploaded by TerryJohnston

finally got an iphone coz my nokia screen went kaput…

still waiting for my number to be ported…stupid vodafone guy at the store stuffed up my application…so have been using ayman’s sim/credit instead to see how much it would cost me to download all those free apps…-so far used $500 worth of credit for something i realise wouldn’t cost so much if i did via my lappy…big homer moment!!!

its the 2nd weekend of having the work routine-baz at mum’s routine…am feeling a little fluey or else i would be out and about but i’m really enjoying every second with baz…just to have the whole day hanging out -with him, looking after him -makes me feel like a real mother again…feels like a holiday even when i’m only spending it at home with baz…for the first time i’m not wishing to be elsewhere but its who i’m with is really what really matters most…its only sunk in today…

i bought a few hijabs from my mate siti who owns selendang boutique…when i picked up the parcel she left me a nicely written letter -something i hardly get these days, she said it was nice hearing from me even though via an order which made me kinda feel bad bcoz i should be keeping in touch with her more, even if she’s living on the other side of the state…have known her for over 20 years…which has made me think about how difficult it is for my mates to get hold of me -be it here or overseas…i should make myself more accesible now that i am separated…even if ayman’s still around…

~ by nursheikha on May 16, 2010.

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