baz also with beiber fever!!!

the baby walk

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just came back from baby grocery shopping from coles…ayman dumped us in the cafe carpark opposite coles coz he was running late for english classes…the house sounds so peaceful without him…wished i knew were i placed the raincoat poncho because i walked back to the apartment completely drenched with 15 kg worth of groceries packed underneath baz’s pram chair…he’s now studying at alexanda library…recommended him there coz he was nagging all week long about not being able to study and finish his welding certificate…

baz had been staying at mum’s all week coz been unwell -pressures from work, ayman -especially him remarrying without divorcing me, money worries, not being able to get enough sleep at night had really gotten to me…

bought those colourful alphabet foam mats you normally see in play centres to cover most part of the living room for baz to play. since staying at mum’s all baz seems to want to do is go for a walk, even if aided for the time being so much its us chasing after him, last night we did a bit of hand-free walking. baz seemed to find it easier to run to me than to ayman. at times he was doing the “come” gesture” so as to help him out which i found quite hilarious since its always us doing so to him…

even if its baby steps just feels good to see him gradually progress…

when he hears the athaan, he tries to say the whole sentence but just manages the last syllable…like for instance “allahu akbar allahu akbar”…you first hear silence and “bar” from him…

and because his youngest aunty shila is into justin beiber too- you sometimes hear baz also say “baby baby baby”…even bop to the music…i’m like “oh lord!!!!” 😛

~ by nursheikha on May 22, 2010.

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