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i’m at mum’s at the moment coz i’m getting the bathroom tiles re-done after the mini tile-osion last month…

and its probably a good time-out/break from ayman as well since we were going to go our own ways this week…all started last saturday after ayman spent the whole day at the library -was wanting the same thing back home as well -meaning i couldn’t even watch the telly…and all he was ever wanting the silence for was to watch a khutbah on youtube…-yeah, putting into practise what the khutbah said would be great too!!! the tension had been building up for quite a few weeks when i found out he had a profile on adultmatchmaker and his only response to that was -that it was his right as a husband!!! so when he forcefully ordered the tv to be closed thats when lost it…

then started the preparations of us going our own ways…

until wednesday night he couldn’t bear to hear me crying, sobbing at night again that he came around and gave me a hug in bed…

and i told him there’s no point consoling me when he’s never going to give me what i want…and until now, he’s still not out yet! sigh!!!

but it made me realise that i can’t wait till its finalised on paper for me to start moving on…it has to start now -living the life MY WAY!

-am definitely looking forward to team outings and bankwest social gatherings for sure!

BTW-am watching the semi finals of eurovision 2010 norway atm and so far the songs rock!!! all would have to be my favourite…

just to note some things that have happened in the past week or so…

its interesting how thousands turned up to give jessica watson a great homecoming in sydney after her solo trip all around the world, saying she’s a great rolemodel to look up to yet if an asian, afghan, tamil or iraqi turned up in our doorsteps the crowd will most probably shoot them, tell them to go home because australia’s full…

60 minutes (channel nine) covered reactions of belgium’s burqa ban both internationally and on home turf and for the first was quite surprised on how neutral they were on this subject bcoz they’re always known to be anti-muslim in previous years, particularly in the howard years



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