lost child

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took baz and mum shopping yesterday at the galleria…

first stop was toys r us…was hard to figure out who was more excited about the place -me or baz, because for me there were so many things i could introduce to baz as compared to what you would normally find at your local kmarts and targets…and for baz, just the endless toys he could have a play with as we waited for grandma to do her vegie shopping at the italian grocers…was basically kid’s paradise for him…

did set out to buy one of those learning stations where he can stand and play for hours but found something more portable as baz would probably get bored of it 3 months down the track when he’ll be running…

is it me or i can never can a pram with wheels that never come off..took one that was a hand-me-down from one of mum’s friends and we nearly crashed into another kid’s pram…

sometimes i hate shopping in the nearby big malls because you see familiar faces you’d rather not see because you know what great of a mouth they have…had to bump into my friend’s older brother rashidi and his snobby mute wife and kid that mum use to look after and now act as if they don’t know mum -not just at toys r us but again at the food court…they’re probably spying to see what we ate -reporting to the rest of the malay community yet the pregnant wife was eating sushi!!! what the!

just as i was about to wrap up the day of shopping at jacqui e mum decides to take him out of the trolley and have a stroll…and thats when i went looking for them for at least an hour!!!…even went to the customer service desk and get the lady to call mum out on the pa of the entire mall…boy did i have a big fright of my life!!! for a moment it felt as if my life would mean nothing if i had lost baz forever…wondered how it was for those mothers who really did lost their child -how it would’ve been for them and after to get the security guards to have a look out they finally found them in the parent’s restroom and it was 5 by that time/mall about to close…alhamdulillah!!!

mum said they went walking all the way to woolworths to get extra nappies and wipes coz he’d done a number 2 and felt uneasy carrying it around…

it got me thinking about the next time we ever should go shopping -maybe i should get a detecting advice to save all the trouble…


~ by nursheikha on June 20, 2010.

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