hair cut

hair cut

Originally uploaded by Sjafiroeddin, C

i got some sharp pair of titanium scissors i bought from woolies the other day and thought today -it had to be done! so after dinner as mum tried to feed baz (round 2 -its been so difficult trying to get him to eat these days…you need to lure him in and make it entertaining -is it like this with all kids?), snipped off half the length of what was my hair…

just got so sick of showering and drying it…tieing it up coz i hate my hair out -too much work, and been meaning to so as an freedom gesture from ayman anyways…and boy does it feel so light and airy now!!! no more 20 minute showers trying to untangle the dreadlock-like knots in my hair…


~ by nursheikha on June 23, 2010.

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