another reason why i hate facebook

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just found out from my sis that this malay chick that i use to go to school with is exporting pics of myself during our school trip to freo 15 years ago when i was my silly old dazed, confused self (of which i still am)…not only did i hated that school…was stuck with a bunch of people i had nothing in common with…but this chick is making it out as if i was really good mates with her to be post nostalgic stuff about me on the net that i dont want to be reminded of or be made fun of!

i guess she wants the whole world to know she use to steal people’s school fees and blamed it on their dad’s jinn-toyol who was ever encompassing them, went after the guys you liked, always rubbed it in your face things you couldnt have when you were growing up because they knew you had parents struggling to make ends meet with 7 extra mouths to feed-typical malay…tried to do modelling but only got as far as hand modelling on stop stands -why didnt i disconnect from her then!

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~ by nursheikha on July 6, 2010.

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